Greetings comrades. This is a longish article about nothing. This post does not have much substance as its purpose is to see how a longish post will show up on the lizard tag page. I am using this option as a way to decide whether I like this glorified tag page approach more than I like the static sub-blog type Annalee mentioned.

Speaking of lizards, every time I think of the word "lizard" I cannot help but think of Pee Wee Herman's infamous "Mr. Lizard, would you care for a hamburger" line fromĀ Cheech & Chong's Next Movie. Do you remember what I'm talking about? Here, allow me to jog your memory with this YouTube clip!

What a glorious moment that was! And because of that, I always associate that line whenever I see a picture of a lizard or hear the word "lizard."

Anyway, enough about lizards. If this post, which is indeed a bit longish, were to be posted on a tag page, would it get truncated? Would it be sort of like a blip? One of the reasons I ask is because of the really really long spam comments many trolls leave. Like the Pokemon troll. I feel that truncating extra long comments would help curb the scrolling spam. It's annoying for us moderators as well because we have to scroll all the way down to the end in order to dismiss the next spam comment that follows.

Perhaps a dynamic truncation would be helpful in the forums? You can click a link that after a certain point and the full comment expands?

Then again, perhaps this is already being employed with the new Kinja? After all, this is why I'm posting this, to see how it will play out!


I honestly did not expect you to have read this far. Perhaps I should have put my thought on the truncation towards the beginning of this article. But no, that would ruin the fun. This is to see who truly pays attention to me; who truly cares about my ramblings. Do you care? Do you? I sure hope so!

Alas, here we must end my glorious foray into the blogosphere. It was a fun ride, I do hope an opportunity to express my thoughts and feelings to you will grace my screen again sometime in the near future.

So I sit here, draped in a cashmere smoking jacket, enjoying theĀ flavorfulĀ aroma of a Romeo y Julieta Churchill accompanied by a snifter of L'Art de Martell. I bid you all farewell, and wish you all the very best on your futureĀ endeavorsĀ  The honor has been all mine. LLAP.